How to Grow Organically on Instagram Account

How to Grow Organically on Instagram Account

How to Grow Organically on Instagram Account in 2022

One of the most frequently asked questions when we start a business is, How to grow on Instagram and followers? And it can become a real headache for many of us if we add to this that we do not generate sales. The first thing you should know is that followers are not the same as customers. Not because you have an account of 20 thousand followers you are going to achieve 20 thousand sales a week or a month, forget about it! You do not need “more” followers, what you need are people who are interested in what you do, who are willing to buy it, recommend it, or at least, how to grow Instagram account in 2022 learn with us;

What is organic growth?

As I mentioned before, it’s not just about gaining “followers”. Organic growth refers to the increase in the rate of leads, high rankings, and interactions in the content that is uploaded to an account in order to produce an increase in sales and a greater reach.

What is paid organic growth?

It is making use of advertising tools such as Facebook ads and Instagram ads to promote a greater reach to organic content in order to capture and attract more potential customers, brand positioning, interaction, and purchase. For this, it is very important to carry out a correct segmentation of your client to attract potential clients who are interested in products similar to yours, and as a personal recommendation, access these tools when you have already passed the validation stage of your business, have your first customers/sales and relevant content. How to rank Instagram account?

What is inorganic growth?

How to gained Instagram followers fast? Basically, it is everything that is used to “inflate” an account in followers without any strategy behind it. In this type we find bots, follower programs, fake likes or comments, follow me and I follow you, follow X number of accounts (that you are not interested in) and then unfollow, engagement groups, among others.

Story time

I am going to tell you about a personal experience with my business. After about 6 months with the account, I got an offer to use bots that I couldn’t refuse. They promised me to achieve between a thousand and 10 thousand followers in record time, it should be noted that I had no idea of ​​​​managing social networks, use of hashtags, penalties, or absolutely anything, yes, I published every day. Time passed (approximately 1 year) until the moment came when I couldn’t follow or stop following anyone. Yes! My account had been penalized and this was chaos. When I decided to move my physical business to the digital world, I had to start practically from scratch.
Despite having about 10K followers, my posts had no engagement, no sales, ridiculous engagement, and I was losing followers every time I posted in response to the “exciting” bots. So I decided to learn through some short courses that I took on different platforms (I leave you a super recommendation below), and with a lot of trial and error, I succeeded! Today I have a company that invoices, clients that buy, and a community that recommends my brand top best fact to rank Instagram account.
Since I don’t want this to happen to you, I want to share with you some of the organic strategies to grow on Instagram that you can apply gradually, but always analyzing what works best for you.

Organic growth strategies

Optimizing your profile

Some best trick to gained Instagram followers – You may have heard it before, but if you haven’t already, now is the time for you to get down to business and let’s achieve those goals for your brand.

Your profile must have the following aspects:

Name + Keyword: The name you see in bold on your profile corresponds to a keyword by which people can find you, for that reason it is ideal that it bears the name of your brand and the type of service or product you offer. Who are you| what do you do, value proposition | what do you do, and how can you help them. Last but not least, the call to action or “call to action”. That corresponds to where you are going to direct your client (web page, WhatsApp link, product catalog, registration, etc.)

Content Marketing

Here we find the famous “value content” and this is undoubtedly a very effective strategy that how to grow Instagram account organically 2022. There are many brands doing the same as you and if we start by making a difference in your digital presence, I assure you that you will already be one step ahead. People don’t go to Instagram to see boring showcases or catalogs, what you will achieve with this is that people will get bored, stop following you and forget about you. But if instead, you offer them valuable content that informs, entertains, inspires, or teaches them something, it is very likely that you will constantly have their attention.

Content marketing will help you:

Fun fact: According to an article where some of the most important statistics were compiled it was summarized that; 54% of Internet users express the desire to see more video content from their favorite brands or companies. 87% of marketers use video as a strategy. Video is the favorite type of content on social media. 8 out of 10 users have purchased a product or service after watching a video.

Interaction strategies

I would call it a complement rather than a strategy since if we are creating a community it is imperative that we are interactive on a social interaction platform, it sounds obvious, right? Continue to read how we can fast grow Instagram account?

5. Statistics analysis

It is vital before the implementation of any strategy, to review the statistics. What is not measured cannot be improved and this is precisely what we need to know to change the direction of actions that are not working and amplify those that are. In your Instagram profile, you can read your statistics very easily. The most important will be the publications with the highest number of comments, saves, and reach. With these data, you will know what works and what does not.

6. Visual coherence of the feed

This is a pebble in the shoe when it comes to having an aesthetically attractive account because it greatly limits the number of publications, for this you should plan your content in advance, make use of filters to give your photos more coherence and have a manual of the defined brand.

7. Payment for ads

This is a way to grow the best time to post on Instagram and the one I recommend 100% if you have a business that generates a return, NEVER for vanity. Ad spending is the fastest way to grow on the platform only in the following cases:
⦁ You know your ideal client and you have a good segmentation
⦁ You have already validated your business idea (You have sales and your first clients)
Your account already has a shape (You have visual coherence, valuable content, you are constant in your publications and you have been creating constant content for at least 1 month). Paid organic growth is a great strategy as your brand grows with potential customers, who are interested in what you have to offer.

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