Selling Your Home As-Is vs Making Repairs

Selling Your Home As-Is vs Making Repairs: Which Is the Savvy Choice?

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Are you preparing to sell your house? You’ll have two options when you do.
You can either try selling your house as-is or make repairs to it before putting it up on the market. You’ll need to decide which approach you want to take before you even think about listing your home for sale.
So, are you going to sell a home as-is or make repairs? Prior to deciding, you should carefully consider all of the pros and cons of selling your house as-is vs. making repairs to it. It’ll make your decision so much easier in the end.
Check out each of your options below.

Selling Your House As-Is

Selling your house as-is is exactly what it sounds like. When selling your house as-is, you’ll put it up on the market without making any repairs to it.
In some cases, the repairs that will need to be done to your house will be minor in nature. It’ll need some new floors or new windows put into it.
But in other instances, your house will need something like a new roof or foundation repair. These will be more major repairs that will force a buyer to sink some money into your house right after buying it.

The Pros of Selling Your House As-Is

The biggest benefit of selling your house as-is is that you’ll be able to list it for sale quickly without having to do anything to it. You won’t have to spend a month or more fixing up your house when you’re interested in an as-is home sale.
You also won’t have to worry about dumping any money into your house right before selling it. You can hold onto your money and use it to buy a new house if you would like.
Additionally, there are some cash buyers that will purchase an as-is home for you fast so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of holding open houses, scheduling private tours, etc. Google “fast cash for house” to find companies that specialize in showing people like you how to sell your house as-is.

The Cons of Selling Your House As-Is

As you can see, there are many advantages that will come along with selling your house as-is. But there are also a few drawbacks that you should keep in mind.
First and foremost, selling your house as-is is going to put you in a position where you’ll have to list your home for less than it could actually be worth. You might miss out on making money on a house when you sell it as-is.
Selling your house as-is is also going to scare off many potential buyers. They might be wary about taking on too many repairs after buying your home from you.

Selling Your House After Making Repairs

If you don’t love the idea of selling your house as-is, you can also choose to make repairs to it prior to listing it for sale. As we alluded to earlier, you can tackle either minor or major repairs or even some combination of both.
You don’t have to fix everything in your home when repairing it before putting it up on the market. But you should try to do your best to make your home look presentable when you’re repairing it and then selling it.
The more work that you put into your home when repairing it, the better off you’ll be when you go to sell it.

The Pros Of Selling Your House After Making Repairs

If you want to get as much money as you can for your home, making repairs to it before selling it will be the right move to make. You can make sure that you’re able to get top dollar for your house by fixing it up.
There are some home repairs that are going to provide you with a better return on investment than others. But generally speaking, almost all repairs will add at least a little bit of value to your home.
Repairing your home before selling it will also give you an opportunity to cast a much wider net when you put it up on the market. You’ll have more buyers banging down your front door and itching to see what your home is all about.

The Cons Of Selling Your House After Making Repairs

While making repairs to your home before selling it will help you make more money on the sale of it, you’ll also have to put out money to make these repairs. It’s the biggest downside of repairing a home prior to listing it for sale.
Making repairs to a home when you’re thinking about selling it will also lead to you having to delay the sale of your home. You might have to wait a few weeks to make repairs before listing it.
If you have money to invest in your home and you don’t mind waiting a little while to move, you’re welcome to take on repairs. But it is going to take a toll on your bank account and push back the timeline for your home sale as a whole.

So, Do You Want to Sell Your House As-Is Or Make Repairs to It?

Now that you know about the pros and cons of selling your house as-is vs. making repairs to it, you should decide which option you want to choose. It should be the one that makes you the most comfortable when selling your house.
A lot of people love the idea of selling a house as-is and moving out of it ASAP. But other people don’t mind spending a little bit on their house to fix it up so that they’re able to make the biggest profit possible.
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